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Business Consulting Services

We offer a full range of business consulting services specifically tailored for the aspiring & budding entrepreneurs, to help you grow your business and manage it efficiently.


New Business Ideas

Starting a Business: The Idea Phase

You know you want to start a business, but what do you do next? Our experts at Finapian will assist you to find the perfect ideas for your business.

Many of you believe starting a business is a mysterious process. You know you want to start a business, but you don't know the first steps to take. You always wonder if this is a good time to start your business idea. The fact is, there's really never a bad time to launch a business. It's obvious why it's smart to launch in strong economic times. But launching in tough or uncertain economic times can be just as smart.

Smart Techniques, Real Results

Now is the time to think strategically and create a business and marketing plan that leverages your time and money to create the next-level business for you.

At Finapian, we help you with strategies and techniques to create business success and think smarter about your business.


Company Incorporation

Our experts will assist you to set-up the following different business entities as per your requirements:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • One Person Company (OPC)
  • Private Limited Company

Registration of Trademark, Copyright, Patent & ISO

Trademark Registration

"Trademark" means a mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and may include a word, phrase, symbol or design, or combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs.

Trademark registration can be done for the following:

  • Any word, title, symbol, heading, label, name, signature, numeral or any    combination thereof.
  • Any Slogan, Base or Punch Line, etc. which are used to highlight the products and    services.

Benefits of Trademark Registration:

Trademark Registration benefits both businesses and consumers. Trademarks allow businesses to build an identity and reputation with customers, and grow or expand business. They allow consumers to take an informed buying decision by searching out familiar brand names and avoid bad buying experiences by avoiding the brands they didn't like.

  • Confers upon the owner the exclusive right to use the brand.
  • Protects hard earned goodwill in the business.
  • Protects your Name / Brand Name from being used in a same or similar fashion,   by any other business firm, thus discourages others from cashing on your long    built goodwill.
  • Gives your products a status of "Branded Goods”.
  • To obtain legal relief in respect of infringement (misuse by others) of the trade    mark.
  • Power to assign (transfer) the trade mark to others for consideration.

Copyright Registration

"Copyright" is a form of intellectual property protection granted to the creators of original works of authorship such as literary works including computer programmes, tables and compilations, dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematographic films and sound recordings.

Different types of work covered under copyright:

  • Dramatic and musical work (i.e. Drama, Skit, Play, Movie etc.)
  • Artistic work (i.e. Logo, monogram, design etc.)
  • Software / Computer Programme
  • Work of Architecture
  • Cinematograph Film
  • Sound Recording (i.e. A Cassette or a Record)
  • Web site, Web Contents, Home Page

Patent Registration

A patent is an exclusive right granted by a Government for a limited period of time within a particular territory to an inventor or assignee to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell, selling, or importing an invention, in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention. An invention is said to be patentable if it satisfies the following three criteria:

  • Novelty:
    The invention has to be new and cannot be part of the “prior state of art”. This prior art refers to everything that has been published, presented or disclosed to the public (example on a website, newspaper or in any research article), as on the date of filing for the patent.
  • Inventiveness (Non-obviousness):
    An Inventive step means a feature of an invention that involves technical advancement as compared to the existing knowledge and that makes the invention not obvious to a person skilled in the art. An invention cannot be considered to have an inventive step if a non-inventive mind would have thought of the invention by combining the teachings of different documents that are available to the public.
  • Utility/Industrial Application:
    An invention must be capable of being produced or used in some kind of industry. It has to take the form of device or apparatus, a product such as some new material or an industrial process. An invention is certified for patentability, if it:
  • Can be manufactured
  • Can be used in at least one field of activity
  • Can be reproduced with the same features/ properties as many times as    necessary

ISO Registration

What is ISO Certification?

ISO literally means International Standard Organization or International Organization for Standardization. ISO prescribes a set of requirements that, if effectively implemented by a business organization, will provide the confidence that the certified organization can consistently provide goods and services that can meet the needs of the consumer.

ISO 9001:2008 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It provides the company with a set of principles that ensure a qualitative approach to the management of the business activities to consistently achieve customer satisfaction.

Advantages of ISO Certification:

  • Inspires confidence of the market and helps in increasing the business
  • Facilitates the organization to become a customer focused organization
  • Customer satisfaction through delivery of products that consistently meet    customer requirements
  • Proven business credentials through independent verification against recognized    standards
  • Involves Top management in the improvement of the Quality Management System
  • Reduced operating costs through continual improvement of processes and    resulting operational efficiency
  • Legal compliance by understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements    impact on the organization and its customers
  • Many corporations see ISO 9000 Certification as an essential requirement before    carrying on business with a new vendor
  • Eligibility to enter global markets
  • Well defined and documented procedures improve the consistency of output

Brand Building

Brand building is an integral aspect of personal and business development. It not only increases the voice and consumer awareness of a brand, but it also gives it an identity and worth. The advent of participatory and interactive platforms has given many businesses the chance to enhance brand awareness and equity.

Branding is fundamental. Branding is basic. Branding is essential. Building brands builds incredible value for companies and corporations.

We will focus on the following steps which involved in brand building:

1. Defining Your Brand

The first stage in brand building is defining your brand. This is a very critical step as it ultimately determines what your brand truly stands for. We will let you know what your brand stands for and what is important for your brand (brand values). Your values should in one way or another show that you are contributing to environmental, social, and economic well-being of consumers.

2. Differentiate & Positioning Your Brand

Before embarking on brand building, we will take time to differentiate it so that you can attract attention and stand out from competitors. To differentiate your brand, we will create a unique advantage in the mind of consumers not merely getting attention by brand building colors or logos or other superficial elements. Once we come up with a unique value proposition, we will use a good branding strategy to position your brand in a way that will help consumers see and appreciate the greater value of your brand over competing ones in the market.

3. Building & Exposing Your Brand

Building a unique and powerful business brand takes time and consistency. Alternatively, we will use promotional channels, and social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) to create a voice for your business brand. This is what drives or motivates people to identify with and engage with your brand. We will execute your brand building strategies consistently and establish a pattern that will forever be associated with your brand name.

4. Personalizing Your Brand

As we engage in brand building, we will also make you to invite your customers to be co-creators of brand values so that they can feel that they also own it and relate with it. Top brands encourage consumer-brand interaction by personalizing products to meet the needs and preferences of consumers. When you personalize your brand, you give consumers reason to participate and engage with your brand for a lifetime.

5. Reviewing Your Brand

Your brand is not static; it will go through a range of motions in its lifetime. Depending on your brand strategies, your brand will either grow in strength, or remain dormant, or recede with time. In the brand cycle, new events, changes, and circumstances bring challenges and opportunities to enhance the value of your brand or re-establish it. All these possibilities will give us the impetus to take charge of your brand building activities.

As your brand name grows, so do the responsibilities and expectations to continue with brand building. The best way of ensuring brand growth is reviewing your activities and evaluating your successes through metrics such as levels of brand awareness and levels of engagements. Regular reviews will help you seize and exploit new opportunities while upholding your commitment to remain true to your vision and brand strategy. It will also help you steer your brand in the right direction and keep it relevant as you move into the future.


Website Design & Development

Digital media marketing has widened the platform on which businesses can showcase their USPs to larger audience group. It is difficult to think of a business now without a fully functioning business website. But when it comes to designing a website, most businesses are confused about what might go into their business website. They need support of a professional web builder, who can show them the best way to promote business through online.

Websites now have become a true representation of one's business. It helps businesses to reach out to larger audience, interact with them directly, generate valid leads, and ultimately generate more revenue. But in order to achieve it, one needs professional Responsive Web Design Company.

We take project specific approach in executing each project, which involves forming in-depth understanding of client's business, analyzing marketplace and competition before commencing the project. We have carefully ditched the generalized approach that most responsive web design companies still follow as we understand that your business is unique and so are its requirements. We make sure that your website becomes a true extension of your business.

If you have a website and don't know what to do about it, then it's perhaps the time to consider redesigning to give it a fresh start. Responsive design is what your business demands and we deliver that to you.

Our services are second to none and you can be rest assured about receiving the best Responsive Web Design solutions in the market. Our proactive approach towards projects helps us form better understanding of clients requirement and we live up to their expectation with periodic reporting.