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Income Tax Return Filing


Basics And Benefits Of E-Filing Income Tax Return

Every individual whose income before allowing deductions and exemptions exceeds the basic exemption limit are required to do Income Tax Return Filing. However, ITR filing is required even if full tax has been deducted at source or there is no liability to pay further tax and have no other income. Moreover, Income Tax Return Filing of income is always advisable as well as maintaining of Income Tax file even when there is no compulsory requirement as it helps to access many financial benefits easily such as bank credits etc.

The Income tax department has made income tax return filing in India easier, by introducing the e-filing income tax return facility. As a result of this Online Income Tax filing facility now almost 98% returns are being accepted by the income tax department without any question. Every assessee should prefer e-filing income tax return to avail full benefits associated with it and to remain hassle free.

With e-filing income tax return the processing speed is really quick and it helps to get instant notification of Income Tax Return receipt, check the status of tax return or tax refund and get acknowledgment receipt immediately.


How We Can Assist You

Our outsourced team consists of highly trained Chartered Accountants and other tax professionals who give you expert assistance in getting your income tax return filed carefully and precisely. We have expertise for all your tax situations whether you have just a Form 16 filing (i.e. a simple salary tax return) or have extensive tax filing involving capital gains.